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The first private art gallery in Craiova

A place where emotions connect through art


Str. Alexandru Macedonski, Nr. 49

Exhibition 30/05 - 30/09

Vincenzo Bianchi

Il segno nello spazio
…Il volto del colore…
L’ombra della forma

About the artist

It is not easy to introduce Vincenzo Bianchi because of his versatile activity that touches all visual arts, from painting to sculpture, from graphics to video-art and graphic techniques; any plastic, material and materialising means is congenial to him and now he takes us by surprise with the use of the laser beam. He has been the first to test it not only on traditional materials, such as marble, iron, etc, but even on slabs and tablets, as it were a burin, creating ipso facto either the very thin incision of the etching or the heavier and thicker mark of the poker-work.

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